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The Whole Beast Holiday Offerings

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This lovely piece of pork if from Llano Seco Farms roasted low and slow with traditional holiday seasonings.

Cooked: $22.00 / pound
Uncooked: $19.99 / pound


Turkey Cassoulet


This is perfect to bring to a party or sit down and have a family meal with Chef John Fink's popular turkey cassoulet is cooked long and slow, featuring Willie Bird turkey. The cassoulet is lined with Benton’s hickory smoked bacon and layered with Rancho Gordo heirloom beans, The Whole Beast homemade turkey, cranberry, sage sausage, whole braised turkey thighs, 9 spice turkey neck confit and covered with 4505 Meats chicharrones, turkey crackling's & croutons.

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Turkey, Cranberry, Sage, Sausage

$10.99 per pound

As per your requests we are offering our Turkey Sausage! Chef Fink's sausage is so popular in his cassoulet, we are offering our Turkey sausage solo! The sausages come in 1/3 lb links and are packaged 4 to a package. This is a great dinner, lunch or breakfast sausage and the kids are one of our biggest fans-as seen in Surprising Turkey Sausage, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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